Saturday, December 15, 2012

Game of the Month Holiday Edition - Solemn and Silent

Purpose: The purpose of this game is to integrate group members and work on self control skills.
Materials: Just the participants.
  • Members pair back to back. 
  • On the count of three, everyone must face their partner, look each other in the eyes, and then try to remain solemn and serious.  No speaking! 
  • The first to smile or laugh must sit down.
  • All who remain standing then take a new partner and the activity continues until only one person has not smiled or laughed.  (Second round of playing can involve two teams competing to outlast each other.)
  • If you get a pair at the end, who are both keeping a straight face, the rest of the group can act as hecklers to disrupt them.
Good activity for breaking into activity groups.
At the end of the activity ask the group the following questions
  • Why do you think we did this activity?
  • What strategy did you have to complete this activity?
  • How did you COMMUNICATE with the group?

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