Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Game of the month: Group Juggle

Group Juggle is an oldy, but a goody!!

5-8 soft, tossable objects (e.g. koosh balls, tennis balls, scrunched up paper, rubber chickens, etc)

Goal: To juggle as many objects as possible as a group.

1. Have everyone stand in a circle. They will be throwing and catching, so it is advised that you make sure everyone is about one arm’s length apart from their neighbors.

2. The first player throws an object to someone on the other side of the circle, calling out his/her name. That person then throws the object to a third person, and so on. This continues until the object makes its way to everyone once and returns to the first player. In order to establish a sequence that will work, it is important that each player only receive the object once, and that players remember to who they threw the object to. This sequence/pattern must stay in tact for the remainder of the activity.

3. Now, with the pattern set, the leader throws the first object. As the groups masters the pattern, another object is added, then a third, then a fourth, etc.

See how many objects your groups can successfully juggle without any mistakes or drops!

Be sure to look for Teachable Moments

How does your group react to a mistake?
What are they doing to help their peers?
Are they throwing to receivers when they are not ready to receive?
Is the group blaming each other for mistakes?
Is the group looking for ways to improve?