Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Game of the month: Musical Pools

Is the heat getting to you? Here's a way to cool down that is sure to be a great time and provide tons of laughs!

Water Source,
Kiddie Pools
(Quantity will vary based on the size of your group. I would suggest a ratio of 1 pool for every 5 participants)

Goal: To be the last player remaining!

Set-up: Line your Kiddie Pools up side-by-side, and fill each one with water.

Just like classic Musical Chairs, this is a game where you want to be the last player remaining. Players start by standing around the Kiddie Pools. As the music plays, they must circulate around the Kiddie Pools -dancing is encouraged! When the music stops, everyone must get into one of the Kiddie Pools (safety tip: don't allow more than 5 people per pool). The last player to get into the water is eliminated. Continue like this until one (very wet) player remains.

Have fun!!