Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The transition from elementary to high school can be an overwhelming experience. Children spend years learning how to get along in elementary school to be swiftly taken out of their safe haven and tossed into
unfamiliar territory. The unknown coupled with the myths about high school are sure to raise concern and, in some cases, anxiety.

High school should be a time for learning, growing, meeting friends and creating memories that will last a life-time. Students should not feel isolated, unwelcome or fearful. With the right support and tools, students can embrace the transition and not fear it. It is important for students to share their feelings, expectations and concerns with other students. Knowing that they are not alone creates a great sense of relief. Another key component to a successful transition is learning the necessary soft skills that will:
A) empower them,
B) enable them to deal with unpredictable situations, and
C) teach them how to get along and co-exist with others.

Some examples include conflict resolution, communication and good decision making. School is a time to learn about math, science and geography but the precursor to academic success and most other success is confidence, positive values and solid interpersonal skills. Give your children these tools and watch them grow!

Written by: Corey Szwarcok, Dynamix Co-founder.

Dynamix: Team-building for Kids and Teens, since 2002.

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