Saturday, November 1, 2014

DIY Dynamix - Bamboozle 'em

1 small item that fits in the palm of your hand
Cones (4 or more)

  • Use the cones to set up a goal line for each team. Split your group into two teams and have them start by standing on their goal line.
  • To be the team to get the most Bamboozle Touchdowns.
How to Play:
  • Each team will stand at opposing end lines to start the game. One team will be offense to start and the other team will start as defense.
  • The offensive team starts by huddling up around the referee (facilitator). The referee will give one player the small item. This player will cup his/her hands to hide the item in his/her hands. Before the offensive players break the huddle, all players will cup their hands so that the defensive players cannot tell who has the item.
  • On “Go!”, both teams run towards the opposite end line. The defensive players are trying to tag the offensive players.
  • Once an offensive player is tagged they must stop and show if they have the item or not.
  • A touchdown is scored if the offensive team gets the item all the way across the opposite end line without that player being tagged.  
  • Switch roles after each round and repeat.
  • Tagged offensive players must stop and show if they have the item or not.
  • If they have the item, the round is over.
Possible Discussion Questions:
  • What was your team’s strategy for getting the object across the finish line?