Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Safeguard kids against cyber-bullying

Posted by: Mitch Zeltzer

Whether for homework or chatting with friends, kids spend a lot of time online.  Chatting and messaging friends can be fun, but it can quickly turn ugly when kids encounter cyber-bullies.

One Possible Solution: Encourage real interaction with outdoor play!

Many kids today spend endless hours glued to the television or their computers. Why not encourage them to power off their electronics and go play outside. Whether it is the summer or winter kids can play outside, they only need to dressed appropriately. They can play many games that can include little to no equipment. (visit our website,, and sign up for our monthly newsletter for a new game idea every month!!)

Naturally this won't eradicate the problem, as online interaction has become part of daily routines in today's world. (Not to belabour the point but you are more than likely reading this online yourself!) So assuming we all accept that as a reality of today's world, we need to implement some structure to keep our children safe when online.

For some great tips on how to safeguard your children from cyber-bullying, be sure to check out our November Issue of our newsletter, Dynamix: Get Connected.