Friday, August 1, 2014

August Monthly Challenge

Before summer winds down this August, get your sport on! Get some teams together this month and get sporty. Try a game of volleyball on the beach, or soccer at a local field. 

Share your experience with us on Facebook or in the comments below. Check back next month for another great challenge!

DIY Dynamix - Three Little Pigs


  • Divide group into teams of at least 3 people. Give each team the same amount of newspaper and tape.
  • To build a shelter that stays up when the leader blows on it.
How to Play:
  • Each team has to build a structure within the given time limit.
  • The structure must stay standing when it’s blown on by the leader (the big bad wolf!).
  • Three people must fit inside the structure.
Possible Discussion Questions:

  • What was your team’s strategy?
  • How did you work together as a team?