Thursday, July 16, 2009

When Winning is Everything...

posted by: Mitch Zeltzer

Randi Chapnik Myers of Today's Parent recently wrote and published this article entitled "When Winning is Everything", that talks about those children that aren't the most graceful when losing a game/sport/activity. I had the opportunity to speak with Randi before she put this article out. In fact, I was even quoted in the article. It's a great article and certainly worth a read.

We've seen groups try to "deal" with over-competitive children in many different ways. From ensuring everything ends in a tie, to banning competitive activities altogether. I don't think you'll be shocked when I say that I don't feel that either of these options are ideal! How do we expect our children to get better at dealing with competitive situations if we never give them the chance to win/lose? How could they possibly improve their sportsmanship without competitive sport?! How does this help to prepare them for the adolescent and adult world that is chalk-full of competition?

This would be like trying to teach a child how to downhill ski their entire child-life without ever letting them on skis and/or near a ski-hill. Then, when they are "old enough", throwing a pair of skis on them and sending them up on the chair lift and ultimately downhill without any further instruction. How many people in this situation would safely make it downhill?! Discussions and lectures will only take you so far, for such emotionally charged events (like competitive sport) practice truly does make perfect! The more opportunity children have to be a good sport, when both winning and losing, the better they will become and winning/losing gracefully and tactfully.

There is so much more I could say on this topic, but I'll stop here before I go off on a tangent. I'll save more for another day!

Enjoy the article!

Brand new Dynamix website!

posted by: Mitch Zeltzer

I am very pleased to announce that as of yesterday (July 15, 2009) Dynamix launched its BRAND NEW website!

Our new website comes with a new and improved design, new content, updated resources, a brand new "Kids Zone", and more!!

Be sure to check it out!!!

I am also excited to announce the Dynamix Newsletter: "Get Connected" is now available for registration. Sign-up today to Get Connected and receive great ideas, tips, articles, specials and more! Visit our website and enter your email address in the sign-up window at the bottom right.

Keep on surfin'!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Fridays: Top 5 Fun Activities to do during the Toronto City Workers Strike!

Written by Adam Kertesz

Now three full work weeks into the strike, there doesn't appear to be an end in sight! I am sure like a lot of us, you are looking for fun things to do with your kids both at home, and at camps and child cares across the city. Well here's my Top 5 things to do that won't be affected by the strike.

5. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention having Dynamix come in to run one of our awesome programs at your home, camp or child care centre! Picture this: eliminate the stress of having to come up with an aleternative program, and now imagine the peace involved in simply having us come in and run a hassle-free, fun and exciting event for your kids!
Phone: 647-477-7615

4. Canada's Wonderland! Does this even need an explanation. Been waiting for that right time to go? Well what better time than now!?
Phone: (905) 832-8131

3. Toronto Zoo- A lot of people actually think that the stike affects the Zoo, but it doesn't! So this summer would be a great opportunity to go see all the elephants, the monkeys, and the lions and tigers and bears (oh my..).
Phone: 416-392-5929

2. Ontario Place- Another venue that a lot of people think is affected by the strike but it's not! It is a slightly cheaper and perhaps more conveniently located theme park than Wonderland. And they have a lot more rides than people realize. Great for all ages!
Phone: 416-314-9900

1. Be creative! Here are some great ideas: Pretend you're a tourist and take the kdis around the city's great sights for a day! Plan a fun scavenger hunt for your kids or the local kids of your neighbourhood. And finally, who needs a city pool when you can get a Slip n Slide!?