Monday, April 14, 2014

Do It Yourself Teambuilding - Chuck The Chicken!

Activity Name: Chuck the chicken

Materials: Rubber chicken

Goal: To get as many points for your team.

How to play:
Split your group into two teams with designated starting spots. Give team A the chicken. Team A launches the chicken as far as they can. Team B runs to the chicken and makes a straight line in front of it. The first player in Team B’s line picks up the chicken and passes it down the line backwards and overhead. The next person does the same, but passes it under their legs. This continues –over, under, over, under, and so on- until the chicken reaches the last person. The last person will throw the chicken as far away from the other team as possible and shout “Chuck the Chicken” to let them know the chicken is air-born. While Team B is passing the chicken, Team A makes a circle and the person who originally launched the chicken runs around the circle as many times as possible until the other team is done passing down the chicken. The team gets one point each time the chicken launcher runs around the circle. When Team A hears Chuck the Chicken, the game repeats with reverse roles for each team. Continue this game play for as many rounds as you would like!

The rules:
- Cannot block the person running around the circle
- The person who launches the chicken has to run around the circle.
- Have to have a different person both launch the chicken and run around the circle each round
- Each person has to get the chicken when passing it down

Suggestions for discussion questions:
- Did everyone have fun?
-What was your team’s strategy?
-How did you use teamwork in that activity?
-How does it feel to depend on your other teammates for your success?