Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Game of the month: 52 Pick Up!

A deck of cards, a stopwatch and a group that's ready for the challenge, that's all you need for this one!

Materials: 1 Complete Deck of Cards, 1 Stopwatch

Goal: Arrange each suit of a deck of cards in order from Ace to King, as quickly as possible!


  • Have your group start by standing in a large square (all facing the inside)
  • Scatter the deck of cards, randomly and face down on the floor, on the inside of the square
  • On "Go!" the group must attempt to collect all the cards and stand in a square formation.  At each line of the square, participants should be lined up holding the cards of a particular suit in the correct order (ace to king).
  • If you have a smaller group, you can advise the players to line the cards up on the floor instead of holding them up in their hands.
  • Time the group's performance and challenge them to try and beat their time!
Between rounds, check in with the group and ask them questions to get them thinking about their process and how it might be improved for the next round.