Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Game of the month: Jump Ball

Play a very active and fun game, with only 1 ball!

Materials: 1 Volleyball

Goal: To keep passing the ball for as long as possible, without breaking any of the rules

Have the group stand in a circle. (If you are in a classroom or any confined space, have a few kids play at a time.) The goal is to continually pass the ball to other participants in the circle. The catch is that you can never be touching the ball and the ground at the same time. When the ball is thrown to you, you must jump and catch it and throw it before landing.

There are a couple of ways you can play this game:

World-Record Style; Count how many passes your group can do, then try to beat your record. For larger groups, split the group into two separate circles. See which team can make the most passes.

Elimination Style; If you touch the ball and the ground at the same time, you must sit out and wait until the next game.