Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Make today a McHappy Day!

posted by Adam Kertesz

It's pretty rare these days to see something positive written about our old friend, McDonalds (ok, except for that awesome Free Coffee campaign they just wrapped up..). But lets be honest, deep down we all still have that special place in our heart for those delicious fries and their "why does this look so bad but taste so good?" burgers?

Well if you've been planning to sneak in a McDonalds meal lately, TODAY would be the day to go. McDonalds is holding their annual McHappy Day, where $1.00 from every purchase of either a Big Mac, McMuffin or Happy Meal will go towards helping local children's charities.

According to this page on the McDonalds website,
"Since McHappy Day was introduced in 1977, this unique, national one-day fundraising event has raised more than $25.9 million for Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Canada, the Canadian Ronald McDonald House® Program and local children's charities across Canada."

So go treat yourself to McDonalds today! You'll be 'Mchappy' you did...

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