Monday, May 4, 2009

Music Monday!

written by: Lauren Viner

This afternoon at 1pm eastern time thousands of students across Canada will go outside and sing their hearts out in support of Music Monday and to promote awareness for music education across the country. I heard about this event last week as I was on my way to work. The Coalition for Music Education has teamed up with CBC Radio and Serena Ryder. Over 700 000 students will be joining together to sing Ryder's song "Sing Sing". I thought to myself, what a fantastic way to spread awareness for the importance of musical education.

Throughout my childhood in Ottawa I loved my school's music programs. I was involved in the choir throughout grade school and played several instruments in middle school and high school. I remember hearing that part of the music program had been cut 2 years before I got to high school and I was extremely disappointed I would never be able to learn a string instrument. Over the years it has been a common topic throughout schools and education boards to cut music programs and put the money toward other aspects of school life. For any school to lose their music program would be a great loss. As a teenager, I remember thinking that had it not been for my music program I would never had made it through high school. I gained a lot of confidence in myself when asked to play a solo in front of a large audience. All of my friends were also involved in the music program. It was a way for us to participate in the school without being on sports teams or student council. It was a chance to become connected to others with similar interests. You could shine with a solo or feel like an integral part of a group that make many sounds come together in a beautiful piece of music.

I am proud to know that I am an alumni of 2 schools that are participating in Music Monday. I encourage all of you to get involved, help promote music education across Canada and get outside at 1pm today to hear the sounds of children's voices telling us to SING SING!

For more information on Music Monday and The Coalition for Music Education, visit their website at

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