Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DIY Dynamix - Circle Tag


  • Have everyone stand in a big circle, arms-length apart. They should not be holding hands from the start, but they should be at a distance at which it is possible to do so.
  • For the Chaser to tag the Escaper or the Escaper to close all hands in the circle.
How to Play:
  • Choose one player to stand inside the circle. This person will be known as the “Escaper.” Choose one player to stand outside the circle. This person will be known as the “Chaser.”
  • On “Go!” the Chaser will need to try to tag the Escaper. Both players can run inside or outside of the circle.
  • Any time the Escaper runs between two players in the circle, those players must hold hands to close that opening (“shut the door”). The Escaper’s goal is to close all the openings before the Chaser tags him.
  • It is important that the players forming the circle grab hands as quickly as possible after the Escaper runs between them so that the Chaser cannot make it through the same hole.
  • The game is over when either:
·         The Chaser tags the Escaper.
·         The Escaper closes all hands of the circle.
  • Assign a new Chaser and Escaper after each round and continue playing for as long as time permits.
  • When an Escaper runs between two players in the circle, they must hold hands right away.
  • The Chaser or Escaper can’t run through closed “doors” (two people holding hands).
Possible Discussion Questions:

  • What was your strategy as an Escaper/Chaser?
  • How did you show team spirit during this challenge?

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