Monday, September 1, 2014

DIY Dynamix - Hog Call


  • Start with everyone in a circle. Pick 2 - 4 different animals and whisper one animal in the ear of each participant.
  • To find everyone with the same animal that you are assigned.
How to Play:
  • On “Go!”, each player has to find ALL the players who were assigned the same animal as him/her.
  • The catch is that you are only allowed to communicate and act like you are that animal. For example, if someone is assigned “dog”, they can walk around barking like a dog to find his/her group. 
  • No talking, only communicating as though you are the animal that you are assigned to.
  • Give some people animals that won’t match with others to lead to conversations about inclusivity.
Possible Discussion Questions:

  • Was it easy or hard to find your matching animal group?
  • How did you communicate to find other animals?

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