Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Game of the Month: Name Tag Grab

Purpose: This game is often used as an ice-breaker, but can also be a great way to talk about competition vs. collaboration.

Materials: 1 name tag per participant (with his/her name on it!)


  • Have the participants stand in a circle. 
  • Place a name tag on each participant's back.  Do not let them know what name they have on their backs, also, be sure that no one has his/her own name on his/her back.
  • On "Go!" the group is to scatter and to try and find their respective name tags. 
  • When the find the person who has their name tag, they should introduce themselves, or do a funny handshake, and then take their name tag and put it on their chest.
  • Once a player has both found his/her name tag AND no longer has a name tag on his / her back, he/she is to return to the original circle.
  • The game ends when everyone has returned to the circle.
  • Time the group's performance to see how quickly they can complete the challenge.
Things to Note:
  • How long did it take the group to complete the task
  • Were they competitive in their approach, trying to be the first to complete the task?
  • Were they collaborative in their approach, not worrying about only themselves but rather how they can help everyone complete the challenge faster? 

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