Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Caine's Arcade- [MUST WATCH VIDEO!]

Posted by Adam Kertesz

This is a must watch video and maybe my favourite one that I've seen all year. This kid is a perfect example of how creativity can shine through in so many amazing ways. We hear all the time about how video games are draining kids of their imagination and creativity, well check this out and tell me if your opinion has slightly changed on that topic.


  1. I think this story was so inspiring not only because Caine never gave up but the fact that his dad never discouraged him! Great story and nice of Devon to do what he did-now that is teamwork!

    1. Great point on how awesome the father is in the story as well.

  2. I plan on making it a point to go see Caine since I live in Southern California. What an amazing child!! He has a bright future because they have raised (I believe) over $100,000.00 for him to go to college! :)


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