Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Game of the Month: Bandage Tag

This unique twist on tag will have your group running and laughing, simultaneously!

Materials: You don't need anything special, just an open space.

Great ready for a unique twist on tag, suitable for participants of all ages.

- Select one player to be IT
- If you get tagged by IT, you have to use your hand as a bandage and run holding the spot that was tagged. (i.e. if you get tagged on the leg, you now run holding your leg)
- Each player is equipped with 2 bandages (their hands), which means you get 2 chances to remain in the game
- (Optional Rule) To keep the game going, you can assign a “paramedic” who has to run around making a siren noise to save eliminated players, by tagging them back in the. Of course if the ‘paramedic’ is tagged by the IT, he/she has to apply his/her bandages as well.
- When enough participants are eliminated, call everyone back in and select a new IT.

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