Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Game of the month: Team Musical Chairs

This activity is fun and you can play it many times throughout the year!

The same number of desk chairs per participant minus one.
Music or noise maker (optional)

This game is like musical chairs. All of the chairs need to be placed in a circle with the seat facing outwards. All of the participants will walk in a circle around the chairs and when the music stops/time is up, EVERY participant must find a place to sit. Like Musical Chairs, in the following rounds 1 chair will be taken away before the start of each round. However, in Team Musical Chairs, no one gets eliminated. Instead, the goal is to have EVERYONE on a chair. The only rule is that every body part must be off the floor for the class to be successful in that round. This will get more and more challenging as chairs get eliminated. Challenge your class to see how few chairs they can fit on!

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