Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nothing but net!

posted by: Mitch Zeltzer

This is a great story that is guaranteed to make you smile. It's always amazing to see someone live their dream, like Jason does in this video. It's even more amazing to see the support and encouragement he gets from the crowd!



  1. Awesome, awesome video. I actually remember seeing this last year when it hot the Net...

    I just can't believe there's no movie yet! I'm sure it's coming..

    And I agree, for me the best part of the entire video is how everyone- especially his teammates- react with each shot he makes...

  2. Yes, I definitely did smile. I think this video is a beautiful and inspiring example of how hard work, commitment, and humility when put together with passion and patience can open doors of opportunities for others to see your true gifts and abilities regardless of the imperfections they may see or already know about.

    In short: Your gifts will make room for you...this kid clearly has a lot of hidden gifts and talents and with his good character I know many more doors will open up for him...AWESOME STORY !!!!!!!

    I'm just as curious as Adam... Where's the blockbuster movie? I'm sure it's already in the making.


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