Monday, August 31, 2009

Dynamix teams up with JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)

We found out just over 1 year ago that our nephew James was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. As difficult as it was to hear the devastating news it took months to really understand the impact Diabetes has on an individual as well as an entire family. Since diagnosed James, 3, and his family have adapted incredibly well and has taken full advantage of the technological advancements made in recent years. James is currently on the "pump" which replaces the daily regimen of shots with a continuous flow of insulin in his body.

This past year Dynamix devoted time and energy to help JDRF ( with their annual "Walk to cure Diabetes". Dynamix facilitators provided children with fun carnival programs and reached out into the community to raise money for this most important cause.

I would like to thank Daniel Beaulieu who did a phenomenal job as the team leader and congratulate him for receiving an award for leading a team who raised the most money of all corporate teams.

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  1. A couple of shout-outs:

    Dan, thank you for doing such a great job leading our team! And thank you to the whole team for contributing in such a meaningful way.

    Corey, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Here's to the first of many great entries ;)


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