Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY Dynamix - Don't Let it Drop

1 Balloon per team (or Water Balloons)

  • Create teams of 6 - 8 players. Each team gets a balloon and a marker.
  • To keep the balloon in the air, while following a set of rules.
How to Play:
  • Each team gets a balloon that they need to keep up in the air by following a set of rules.
  • If the balloon falls, the team has to carefully write a keyword on the balloon for something they need to do better. For example, “communicate” or “focus”. (If using water balloons, use a piece of paper instead). Once the team writes a word, they can start over and try again.
  • Play as many rounds as time permits or set a time limit and see how many times each team can complete the challenge.
  • The same person can’t touch the balloon twice in a row.
  • Everyone on the team must touch the balloon at least once.
  • If older: can’t use arms or hands to keep the balloon up.
  • If any of the rules are broken, the team needs to write a keyword on the balloon about what the team needs to improve on, and then start over. 
  • To increase difficulty and have extra fun in the summer, use water balloons instead of regular balloons! Use two hands and gently pass for this variation.
  • Don’t stop in between rounds and see how long a team can keep the balloon up by continuously following the rule pattern.
  • Try the game with larger teams for an added challenge.
Possible Discussion Questions:

  • Was this challenge frustrating? Why/why not.
  • Why was it important to communicate during this challenge?

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