Monday, June 2, 2014

DIY Dynamix - Team Bingo

Bingo Card and Action Cards (click below for PDF attachments)
1 marker per team
1 hula hoop per team
1 ball per team (replaced with a bucket of water balloons in the summer)

  • Divide group into teams of at least 5.
  • Print out one Bingo card per team and one set of action cards (choose the version with or without water balloons). Cut up and shuffle the set of action cards.
·         To complete a line or fill the Bingo card as a team.

How to Play:
  • Pull out an action card and complete the activity. The first team that completes the action gets to mark off the square on their Bingo card that matches the action completed.
  • Once a team completes a line or square the round ends.
  • There will be duplicates of action cards. This will allow teams to work on improvement strategies.  
  • Team must complete the task first to be able to mark off the square.
  • Can play as one team for smaller groups.
  • Decide on if the team is playing for a line or square based on time permitted.
  • Choose between action cards with or without water balloons.
Possible Discussion Questions:

  • How did your team work together to complete tasks?
  • Did the tasks get easier as you continued the game? Why?
  • Were there any leaders on your team?

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