Friday, October 12, 2012

October Game of the Month: Back-to-back

Purpose: This activity brings out communication, cooperation, and trust.

Materials: Just a group of participants.
  • Every group member must find a partner of approximately equal height and weight, if possible.  
  • The partners will lock arms with their backs to one another. 
  •  With arms remaining locked at all times, the partners will sit down on the ground, kick their legs out straight, and try to stand back up. 
  •  Then groups of four will try the same thing.  Then groups of eight, sixteen, and eventually, the entire group together. 
This is the perfect activity for building trust.
At the end of the activity ask groups some of the following questions
  • Why do you think we did this activity?
  • Were you comfortable during this activity or did you feel a little uncomfortable?
  • Did you trust your partner/ partners? Why/Why Not?

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