Monday, October 31, 2011

Game of the Month: Are you my leader?

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to post an activity that could be 'scary' for some!  This one requires total trust in your group!

Materials: Blindfolds for half of your group

Goal: To put your trust in your group as you are lead through a trust walk, without knowing who is leading you!


- Divide your group in half and blindfold half of the group.
- Have the blindfolded participants stand in a line side by side.
- The other half of the group will now choose partners by forming a line facing the blindfolded players and standing in front of the partner they have chosen.
- The leaders now guide their blindfolded partner on a trust walk by allowing them to hold their arm.
- Only the blindfolded player may talk - the leader/guide must remain silent the entire time.
- Encourage the leaders to try and guide their partners around different objects.
- After a few minutes, call "FREEZE!" and then ask the leaders to guide their players back to the start line.
- The leaders should then form their line, but this time they should mix up the order of their line so that they are NOT standing in front of their partner.
- The blindfolded players can then remove their blindfolds.
- Now have the blindfolded players try to guess who their respective leaders were.  It is always interesting to ask them how they figured it out, or why they made the guess they made.
- Repeat this process for the other half of the class.

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