Monday, September 12, 2011

Get on the same page... literally!

Have you ever had those moments where you and your teammates just didn't seem to be on the same page?  Those times where, even though everyone had the best intentions in mind, you seem to be moving in completely different directions?  Well it's time to get your team on the same page!

Earlier today we shared this tip (via @getdynamix on twitter)
TeamTip 27: Clearly define and state your team goals, and work together to achieve your common goals. #teamwork

Of course, this is easier said than done!  So to take this tip to the next step, I suggest you get your team, literally, on the same page.  Have a team meeting, bring out a large sheet of paper, and clearly define in writing what your major objective or goal is at that moment.  Have everyone sign the page and post it on the wall.  Doing this will:  (A) serve as a great reminder of what you are ALL trying to achieve TOGETHER, and (B) create more accountability for everyone on your team to play a part in achieving that goal.

Good luck to you and your team!!

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  1. Teambuilding is very important and is a good idea to start at a young age. Working with other humans is pritty much how we are the top of the food chain.


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