Monday, August 29, 2011

Strengthen connections by getting to know one another... the fun way!

Posted by Mitch Zeltzer

For most kids September marks the start of a new year and not January. September brings a new school year, a new class, a new set of teachers and often a new set of friends. It is our role as educators and parents to provide children with the opportunity to strengthen their connections with their peers. What's great about this is that: (A) It could be fun, and (B) We, as educators/parents, will also benefit from these strong connections, in the form of less conflict and more positive interactions.

Earlier today we posted a Team Tip on our Twitter feed it was:
"TeamTip 25: Learn something new about 3 people in your class, group, or workplace." (via @getdynamix)
Everytime someone learns something new about someone else, they strengthen their connection, it's that simple! There are tons of ways to break the ice and get to know your peers, here's one that we've suggested in the past: Be There or Be Square! (<-- Follow this link for a complete description and printable templates for the activity)

Be There or Be Square is a fun / quick activity that you can not only use to get to know your peers, but can also use as a great structure for content review and more! Simply adjust the discussion topics accordingly, and away you go!

Remember, if you have fun, so will the kids, so get in there and play with them!!

Good luck and be sure to let us know how this activity works for you!!

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