Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toronto Parks are finally Smoke-Free!

posted by Mitch Zeltzer

Based on an amendment to a Toronto Municipal Bylaw, smoking is not allowed within a 9 metre or 29.5 foot radius of play areas.

So from now on, when you and your children visit one of the 833 playgrounds in Toronto parks, you will be able to take a deep breath and enjoy the great outdoors, as the City of Toronto make a great step toward a smoke-free city!  

According to the City of Toronto website, here are some of the reasons for this change:
  1. Second-hand smoke harms your child’s growing body.
  2. Seeing a caregiver or loved one smoking increases the chance your kids will try smoking.
  3. Young children could eat toxic cigarette butts or choke on them.
  4. Your child has more smoke-free places to play, now that both the schools and Parks, Forestry & Recreation playgrounds ban smoking.
  5. Cigarette butts release harmful toxins into the ground and take a long time to decompose or biodegrade.
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