Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Relief- What you can do to help

I'm sure many of us have spent the last few days glued to our TV's watching the horrible images being shown from Haiti in the wake of the devastating earthquake.

In case like many people you were wondering what you can do to help, I wanted to provide a few organizations that I've found online that are accepting donations. It is crucial that we get them this money ASAP. This is a country that was in financial ruins and political disarray even before this disaster, and they need our help now more than ever. Today, the Canadian government has generously pledged to match every dollar raised in these efforts (up to $50 million).

The easiest way to donate? As you will see in the list below, you can donate through the Salvation Army with a simple text message. Just text: “Haiti $5 donation” to 45678.

Every single dollar counts.

The Red Cross Donations by phone or online 1-800-418-1111

Doctors Without Borders Donations by phone or online 1-800-982-7903

Global Medic Donations by cheque or online 20 Claireport Cres. Unit 9 Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 6P6

The Humanitarian Coalition Donations by phone or online (Care, Oxfam and Save the Children) 1-800-464-9154

The Salvation Army Donations by phone, text and online 1-800-725-2769 Text: “Haiti $5 donation” to 45678

World Vision Canada Donations by phone or online 1-800-268-5528


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