Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dynamix's Olympic Experience

As you may have already heard Dynamix has been given the privelege of bearing the olympic torch as it passes through Montreal. Coca Cola and RBC selected Dynamix for its positive impact on society and its youth. We then made the conscious decision to select a Dynamix rep we feel has had an enormous impact on the success of Dynamix. This person being Allison Boothroyd.

Allison over the past several years has been a major contributor to the growth of a social organization that thrives on educating young people how to better co-exist in a fast paced and challenging society.

If you are in the Montreal area, come out and support Allison as she so proudly carrries the torch on behalf of Dynamix for the 2010 Olympic games.

The run will take place on December 10th at 5:30pm near the Mont-Royale lookout.
Let the games begin!


  1. I am Allison's Uncle and I am leaving Darien, Connecticut, tomorrow morning to travel to Montreal, to watch Allison carry the torch. I am very proud of Allison and what she does with all of you at Dynamix.

    Bob Boothroyd

  2. That is so fantastic! Congrats Allison and to the entire Dynamix team.


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