Monday, April 27, 2009

How to plan a great School Carnival

posted by Mitch Zeltzer

Planning a School Carnival?
Here are some things to consider...

I guess before we cover the tips on how to plan a great school carnival we must first establish why we should even have a school carnival in the first place! Here are some of my favourite reasons:

  • Because your students deserve it!
  • Builds a sense of community
  • Can be a great fundraiser (if you involve parents)
  • Enhances school spirit
  • Why sit inside all day?!
  • Allows both students and staff to de-stress after a long school year

So now that you undoubtedly want to have a school carnival, what do you need to consider/do?

  1. Budget & Time: In our experience working with schools on Carnivals, we know that the two hardest resources to come by are ‘budget’ and ‘time’. So, before anything else it is critical to consider how much money you have available to put toward your school carnival and how much time you can comfortably take away from academic time.
  2. Pick a date: This seems like an easy task, in theory, but in reality can be quite complicated. Don’t forget to consider field trips, assembly, fundraiser events, exams, and PD Days that are already scheduled. Make sure you refer to your school’s master schedule before you call your vendors.
  3. Location: Most schools we work with prefer to have their school carnival take place at/outside their school. This is generally the most cost-effective way of doing things. If you are planning to host your carnival outside your school, make sure to have a rainy day plan ready to go. We’ve seen it happen too many times where weeks of hard work and planning are out the window the second a dark rainy cloud decides to join the carnival! If you are thinking about another location for your school carnival, be sure to consider size, capacity, exclusivity, opening / closing times, time it will take to get to the location, and cost of transportation.
  4. Food & Drinks: A nourished child who is sufficiently hydrated is ready to have fun! Make sure the children have their heads covered, sun-screen on and a water bottle in hand!
  5. Entertainment: Now that everything else is taken care of, what are you going to do with your students?! The best tip we can give you here is to keep your students occupied with something active, exciting, and unique, with little down time. If you are looking for some great entertainment, feel free to call your local Dynamix office to learn about our unforgettable carnival experiences. Our philosophy for Carnival Days is “You have all the fun, we do all the work!” Visit us at to get the appropriate contact information for your area.
  6. HAVE FUN: Organize your day so that the teachers of your school can also enjoy the day! If the educators are having fun, so will the students, that’s almost guaranteed!!

Good Luck with your school carnival!

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