Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A fun, educational game...

posted by: Mitch Zeltzer

Here's a fun, educational game for you to play with your students/children. Enjoy!

GAME: Crazy Categories

Materials: 1 object/item (can be almost anything that you can pass around a circle)

Description: In this elimination-style game, the goal is to be the last player remaining. To begin the game you pick a category, for example: Cities. Once the round begins, the first player, the one holding the object must say a city, and then he/she must pass the object to the next player in the circle. The next player says a different city and passes the object along. A player is eliminated if he/she:

  • Repeats something that was already said
  • Hesitates too long
  • Says something that is incorrect (e.g. says a country instead of a city)

When a player is eliminated he/she backs out of the circle slightly, and he/she gets the honour of picking the next category.

Hint #1: With a little creativity, this game can be adapted to almost any subject! Use it for Geography, history, vocabulary words, or even just for fun with pop-culture topics!

Hint #2: If you have fun your student will also have fun!

(That is the best way to learn after all!)

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